That Look

That Look

Bjorg Larson: “That Look” by Nudero

Fully Dressed
Viewing Pleasure
Pastry Chef
End of Winter



2020-06-28 00:00:00

タイトルの通りです。可愛らしい顔をしてスタイルも程よくムチムチでやらしいオッパイしてます。普通に大学でもモテそうですが、田舎出身だからか喋るとふんわりと人が良く、ガードが緩そうで、色々と付け込まれそうなタイプです。まさに、ドMの典型ですね。かなりスケベな内容になってますよ。Just like the title suggests. She has a lovely face and great figure with a slutty boobs. She seems to be popular in college, but she is from the countryside and seems to be a soft-spoken person with a loose guard, so she can be taken in by many things. She's a typical masochist,, isn't it? It's pretty nasty!!