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Big-Breasted Thai Maid Pounded and Impregnated!


2021-07-11 00:00:00

So some of you guys might have noticed I have a penchant for maids from the Philippines. Although all women from Southeast Asia are equally subservient and pleasing, Filipinas tend to have a better grasp of English and can follow my instructions more easily. And maid service is complicated! Sweeping, mopping, washing clothes, and cooking food are really tough for the female mind to fully grasp sometimes. But I always knew that Thai girls would be genetically similar enough to their Pinay counterparts that they would be able to serve me equally well, provided they get over the language barrier. So when I recently took a 3-month “business trip” to Thailand, I knew I needed to develop a nice harem of Thai Bangmaids to service my apartment…and my penis.Enter Nani: When this big-chested beauty walked through my door I was floored. Beautiful face with big brown eyes, a nice round butt, and two fat juicy funbags that were just bursting from her blouse. I had to get this girl in a revealing maid uniform ASAP, so I skipped the small talk and had her change into proper Bangmaid attire.Nani’s tits were so big that the uniform could barely contain them. No worries, just pop them out instead! That’s the proper look for a Bangmaid anyway. She was super shy, and that made it even more fun watching her embarrassingly clean my house with ripe milk-makers jiggling with every stroke of the duster. Sure, her tits were most certainly fake, but as I’ve mentioned before, there is nothing hotter than a female who will permanently alter her body to please the opposite sex. Such a good girl!When I told the bouncy bimbo what the job really entailed (sucking cock and fucking the boss) she seemed a little shocked at first. But deep in her heart I could tell she knew this was coming. She was an Asian female in a man’s world after all – this was the only way for her to get ahead.So sexy Nani did what she did best – started sucking my cock. I was really impressed! She could really handle the size and kept her big pretty brown eyes staring up at me reverently the whole time. Such a good maid! When it was time to pump her fresh young cunt full of semen, my cock slid right in with ease. She was already so wet with anticipation that my 9-inch tool had no trouble sliding deep into the depths of her female anatomy.After a few different positions, I couldn’t hold it anymore and unleashed a torrent of sperm deep into Nani’s dripping wet snatch. A female with tits like hers and nice robust hips should have no problem bearing one of my strong western babies. And a month later she came into work and told me she missed her period. Success! I love knocking up my maids on the first try!

Light Shines

Light Shines

Clarice: “Light Shines” by Erik Latika

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丘咲エミリ 星乃ここみ みなみ愛梨 優木まみ 浅見友紀 上原まみ 佐伯つばさ 月野ひかり 日野まひる 星川エリ

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