J-GIRLSの刺青 02

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J-GIRLSの刺青 02

広瀬れいか 艶やか競泳水着でハメ撮り
篠田ゆき 素人AV面接 〜わたし柔道やっていました〜 学費の為にAV出演を迷ってる女子学生を泣き崩し的に出演交渉!得意の柔道で軽く汗を…
夜空まひろ 綾乃麗華 桜井りか 浜田麻由美 顔騎マニアデラックス2 一本道の人気シリーズ、「顔騎マニア」のデラックス2が配信!今回もエッチな痴女4人…
J-GIRLSの刺青 01
美樹本絵里 素人奥様初撮りドキュメント 66 美樹本絵里 欲求不満でエッチに興味があったと自ら応募した結婚5年目の人妻が撮影にやってきた!…

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This week we venture to the infamous “Dark Side”, which was named by the expats who reside on the Eastern side of Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya. There you will find tons of small beer bars that cater to the retired guys who live on the outskirts. Just like any joint, the mamasans recruit young girls down from Issarn to service the “sexpat” customers who are looking for action. The prices for liquor and women are generally far less than the main spots in downtown Pattaya. Some of the venues are dumps, while others can provide a wonderful evening of entertainment and lots of undiscovered fresh pussy! Kamala is 26 years old and just started working a month ago. Although she has been with a few customers, she is still quite new to the scene. She has a gorgeous face, magnificent eyes, pearly white teeth, and a smile that makes me want to buy a farm in Issarn. I loaded Kamala up with cheap lady drinks and bar fined her to the upstairs short time room. An hour, and two creampie fucks later, I returned to the bar with a shit eaten grin on my face. I managed to get my pony’s number and like clockwork, Kamala showed up at my doorstep the next day for some video boom boom. After our brief intro, Kamala dropped to her knees and flooded her mouth with my hard cock. Her warm lips and wet tongue slurped and sucked my rod while her pussy began to moisten. I managed to hold off from cumming for a nice cowgirl ride before finally fucking Kamala in missionary and dropping my third and biggest nut deep inside her unprotected womb. The FOR-CE is strong in this one.