Kettle On


Kettle On

Diana Jam: “Kettle On” by Ron Offlin

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2021-09-02 00:00:00

平凡な夫婦生活を送っていたスレンダーGカップ爆乳の主婦、ほのか。夫との夜の営みは苦手…そんな時にナンパで出会ったのが三上。旦那が出張で居ない日に自宅に招きいれた。朝から晩まで一日中、体液を交じり合わせながら身体を絡ませ何度も絶頂を繰り返す…。その三上は実は夫が仕組んだ寝取らせ屋だった…。Honoka is a slender housewife with DDD-cup breasts who has been leading an ordinary married life. She was not very good at having sex with her husband at night, but then she met Mikami when he was picking up girls on the street. I invited him to my house on a day when my husband was away on a business trip. From morning till night, they spend the whole day intertwining their bodies, mixing their bodily fluids and reaching the peak over and over again… However, Mikami is actually a cuckold set up by her husband…