Mandy Tee – Hypnotizing

燐月 第三話

2018-05-28 08:00:00


Mandy Tee – Hypnotizing

Here is Mandy Tee, amazing blond beauty from Kiev, 22 years old, a lot of freshness, delicacy, innocence and sensuality…

Mandy started her career late in 2017 and she’s known only for nude modeling…

In life, Mandy is a cat adorer! She loves living with cats and can’t imagine her life without them! Apart from cats, Mandy spends a lot of time painting, she says it is even better than doing yoga and brings her a real sensation of relaxation…

Her dream is to live in Los Angeles with all her cats and a dedicated painting workshop 🙂 — UKRAINE, 35/27.6/37, BLOND, European