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【20歳 山口県】みみ


2021-06-13 00:00:00

【20歳 山口県 スレンダー美女】今回の撮影希望の女の子は山口県からお越しのショートカットスレンダー美女のみみちゃん20歳。某新幹線の駅で待ち合わせからファミレスに移動してお話を聞くことに。普段は地元で歯科衛生士として働いているというみみちゃんは自宅と職場の往復ばかりでほとんど出会いがないので今日は楽しみにして来たらしく、食事を早めに切り上げてすぐさまラブホへ!ホテルに入ると若干緊張していたみみちゃんにチンコを見せつけると久しぶりの生チンコらしくマジマジと色んな角度でチンコと眺め、自分の理想うのチンコを語り出しそのままパックンチョ!みみちゃんの超絶上手なフェラテクに負けそうになってしまったので、こちらも乳首を触ってみると「私乳首弱いんです。」とビクビクに感じ始める。そのままパンツの中に手を入れるともうヌレヌレ状態。そのままクンニ、手マンで潮を拭きながらイッちゃうみみちゃん。「もう挿れたい。。。」と恥ずかしそうにも友てきたので、みみちゃんが好きだというバックで挿入→そのまま中出し。お風呂の中でも手マンでイカせてからのフェラでお口に発射。フェラのお返しとばかりマンコを触ればクチュクチュとイヤらしい音がする程の大洪水。そのまま手マンで大量の潮吹き!鏡の前で立ちバックでイキまくるみみちゃん。ベットに移動し正常位、騎乗位、座位、バック、寝バックとハメまくりの白目剥いてイキまくりのみみちゃん。最後は正常位からのお口に大量発射するもお口の中の精子をゴックンしてしまう優しいみみちゃん。「これをおかずに当分オナニーして、我慢出来なくなったらまた東京に来ますw」と大満足の様子のみみちゃんでした。また是非東京に来て下さい!笑[20, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Slender Beauty] The girl I wanted to get on set for this shoot is a slender beauty with a short haircut, Mimi, 20 years old, from Yamaguchi prefecture. I met her at a certain Shinkansen station and moved to a family restaurant to talk to her. Mimi, who usually works as a dental hygienist in her hometown, was looking forward to this day because she rarely meets anyone, always going back and forth between home and work. She was a little nervous when she entered the hotel, but when I showed her my cock, she looked at it from a lot of different angles, as if she hadn't had seen cock in person in a long time, and talked about her ideal cock—and she went right in for a blowjob!. I was almost defeated by Mimi's excellent blowjob technique, so I touched her nipples and she said, "I have really sensitive nipples,” so I touched her nipples, and she started feeling it. When I put my hand inside down her panties, she was already soaking wet. Mimi came while I ate her out and fingered her, just squirting all her juices everywhere. “I want to put it in…” Mimi said shyly, so I started fucking her XXXgy style, which she said she liked, and gave her a nice creampie. In the bathtub, I made her cum while fingering her and then gave her a cumshot in the mouth from her blowjob. When I played with her pussy in return for the blowjob, she started to squirt so hard that you could hear her squirting from a mile away. My fingering really made her squirt out buckets and buckets of her lovely juices! We fucked in stand-up XXXgy in front of the mirror, which made Mimi cum nicely. Mimi moved to the bed and gets fucked in missionary, cowgirl, sitting, XXXgy, and prone. At the end, I shot a huge load in her mouth after fucking her in missionary, but she is so kind that she gobbles up all the white jizz in her mouth. She said, "I'm going to masturbate to this for a while, and when I can't take it anymore, I'll come back to Tokyo.” Please come to Tokyo again! LOL!